We’re building the blockchain center of excellence to develop and inspire our future workforce with skills that empower them to enter the workforce ready to work.  Our mission is to provide a blockchain learning center that transforms businesses and society into sustainable, more efficient, and profitable organizations.

The Blockchain Center of Excellence (BCoE) was funded by the NM state Department of Education in 2021. The BCoE will host several operations labs that will integrate with coursework throughout the college.   In collaboration with community partners and educators across the state, the center will empower students and community partners to work together on real-world solutions.  CNM Ingenuity and our community partners are leaders in the research and education of blockchain-enabled technologies and digital ecosystems.

The BCoE works closely with major companies that help us set the agenda for blockchain curricula and development. The center benefits CNM Ingenuity students and Central New Mexico Community College students. Students learn the latest developments in technology to solve business needs and create new applications, often based on use cases provided by BCoE members.  The center is a leading-edge technology providing course work that integrates with business professionals, IoT courses, and Data Science courses to bring today’s current business challenges to the living lab to provide real-time solutions.