The Blockchain Center of Excellence's (BCoE) mission is to provide an academic and incubator space to develop blockchain-enabled technologies and pilot community-empowered solutions across business sectors.

The Growing Potential of LERs

LERs (learning and employment records) provide a digital record of an individual’s education, training, and work achievements. As interoperable records, they connect with other digital records providing broad insights concerning jobs, careers, and the skills required for success.

Download the full report to learn how organizations nationwide are working to deploy interoperable Learning and Employment Records Infrastructure.


The Center Focus​

The future opportunities for professionals in technology and business are endless for those with skills and knowledge in blockchain architectures and business processes. In the new era of digital ecosystems, blockchain transforms businesses and society into more efficient, sustainable, and profitable ecosystems.

The Blockchain Center of Excellence’s (BCoE) mission is to provide an academic and incubator space to develop blockchain-enabled technologies and pilot community empowered pilot solutions across lines of business.


BCoE Courses

The blockchain Center of Excellence partners with Blockchain Hub 360 to offer online on-demand courses and bundled certificate programs offer the most in-depth blockchain training experience for both technical and non-technical audiences. Learn Blockchain coding in Ethereum, EOS, Corda, and Hyperledger fabric. Gain hands-on skills and advanced career training to prepare you for a rewarding career in the growing blockchain industry.

Get Ready for Blockfiesta 2022

Blockfiesta "Blockchain in Business and Beyond"​

September 30th, 2022

Architecting a more sustainable world begins with building a better
business ecosystem. A world designed to be here for eternity and more sustainable, inclusive, and scalable. Industry that intentionally develop distributed systems with these factors create more robust and enduring ecosystems over time.

Join us at the 2022 Blockfiesta Blockchain in Enterprise Conference
on Friday, September 30th to learn from experts on topics such as
enterprise leadership, sustainable supply chains, decentralized finance, scalable system architecture, inclusive design, food and drug safety, and more from companies and researchers focused on blockchain-enabled technology and digital ecosystems.

This conference will be an in-person event hosted at CNM’s Main
Campus and our audience will include students,
executives, industry practitioners, and academics from all over the
world, especially those here in New Mexico.